Jefferson Hotel rooms 19 ,181 and 21. July 10/11, 2009


Jefferson Hotel rooms 19 ,181 and 21. July 10/11, 2009

We stayed in the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson Texas. The wife and I in room 19 both nights, and kids with in-laws in room 18 the first and 21 the second. Reportedly the most haunted rooms. We used video, digital voice recorder. EMF and K2 meters, as well as digital cameras.

We took the walking ghost tour with Jodi and the ghost train ghost tour. Both very informative but caught no evidence.

On the night of the 10th my mother in law staying alone in rm 18 during the ghost tour, saw the bathroom door close on its own. She also noticed their little dog would go to the bathroom door then tuck its tail and run to the otherwise of the room and cower.

After the ghost tour around midnight on the 10th, I had the bath running and was preparing for bed when I looked up at the mirror and saw writing appear. I jumped up and called my wife in. we took several pictures with different camera in the foggy room of the mirror. The word HELP could be seen plain as day, also the on the bottom a J appeared but it looked more like an older smudge. We were very skeptical about it and wiped the mirror down thoroughly. The writing appeared again the next morning when my wife was in the tub. We wiped it down again. The writing showed up again in a different spot that night with HELP ME spelled out also with a J at the bottom (The J seemed to be in the same spot each time and did not look like the other HELP messages). At times we could fog the mirror and nothing would show up. We told the clerk at the desk about this the next morning and she told us she had heard many similar reports but usually it included "HELP ME, JUDY" or "HELP JUDY" OR "PLEASE HELP ME". May explain the J.  Oh and also, her name was Judy.

Almost all night of the 11th. Conner, stevie(his buddy), and I did our own ghost hunt all over the hotel and the town. We found cold spots in the hotel lobby with rapping and noises responding to our requests. Behind the hotel by the river (where there was many hangings that took place, we received direct responses to our questions by the EMF detector lighting up. We asked about 10 questions about years born and died as well as how he died and why. The whole session was videoed and the questions and answers left no doubt we were communicating with someone(something) that was born 1825, died by an unjust hanging in the 1860's because of something to do with the Civil War. This session began after I was playing Dixie on the harmonica until the EMF started lighting up and ended abruptly when a group of teens walked up on us. Later that night the three of us explored the famous Murder Row. Very, very creepy at 3:00 a.m. but no evidence.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado. June 2008 4 nights. Rooms 217 The Steven King room, and 1209.

Manor house room 1209 1st and 2nd night:  No apparent activity in our room.  Out side our room we would hear running footsteps up and down the hall.  After a couple of hours of this around 10 pm, we started opening the door and checking to see whom it was.  We were never able to catch anyone in fact later on we started checking the whole floor and the floor above and never saw anyone walking around.  This would go on periodically through out our stay in the Manor house.  We found out later there were only 5 or 6 rooms occupied at the time.
We stayed in 217 our last two nights.  The Steven King room.  Much of our time in the room I felt like someone was watching us and would constantly catch myself looking behind.  On the first night Kim was in the restroom and someone knocked on the bathroom door.  Conner jumped up and knocked on the door from the outside thinking Kim was playing a game.  When she came out she asked why we knocked two different times.  We have no explanation of who knocked the first time as this was inside our room and there were just the 4 of us.  We never did get any other evidence in the room.
We walked down to The Concert Hall Building One afternoon and were lucky to find it open and completely empty.  We experienced very heavy feelings inside.  Kim was so freaked by the feeling she took Chloe and went outside to chase prairie dogs on the front lawn.  Immediately after she left Conner and myself heard footsteps with the floor creaking very loudly on the floor above us.  We would run upstairs to find we were still the only humans in the building.  We captured this on Video and Digital audio both.
Every night during our stay Conner and I would go “ghost hunting” for a couple of hours around 12.  We were usually the only guests up and about.  We even snuck down to the tunnels but didn’t experience anything. 
We captured some tapping and banging in response to ours in the Billiard room on video and digital audio. 
We also recorded several EVP’s on the top floors of both buildings.  On audio, one has children humming and talking in the background the other on video and audio, has the word “child” when Chloe was asking if there was anyone here. 
 The last night Conner and I were on the lobby floor, the night clerk was the only person around with two people still in the bar.  The main hall, the billiard room and the music room were all empty with lights out.   In the music room, Conner saw several shadows dart by him.  He said he could make out the shadow of a full-sized woman in a dress.  He was visibly startled.  A minute or two later we started hearing what sounded like a party going on in the lobby or the adjacent halls.  We turned on the video and the digital audio and searched the whole floor, the ballroom, billiard room, bar (now closed dark and locked up); all the while recording the sound of music, talking, and laughter.  This went on for about 10 minutes all on tape.  Afterward we found the night clerk, who told us the music might have been his satellite radio, but we have no explanation for the sounds of men and women partying.  I am not so sure it was his radio either.  I seemed to get louder inside the ballroom and the talking and laughter was really loud at times throughout all the rooms.     

Rogers Hotel Waxahachie, TX. Room 409 and 408. February 16 1 night

Recorded much evidence.  Used digital audio recorder for the first time. Colin and Kim stayed in 409 and Conner Chloe and friend Trevor stayed in 408.  Nothing in photos except an image on the entertainment center of maybe a face Watching Chloe running by in foreground.
Recorded evps in basement of a child’s voice, a clear evp in basement lady’s bathroom (where a woman shot herself) of a women’s voice saying no when asked to open the stall door by Colin, a clear voice saying ha, and a voice saying I don’t want to when asked to make k2 meter light up again on the stairwell.
We recorded 2 sessions on digital audio of very loud bangs responding to our questions in 408’s bathroom and the roof storeroom we could all hear them in person as well as on our recording. 
Conner Trev and Colin recorded video a k2 session on the stairwell of unmistakable responses to our requests to light up the k2 asked number of times and light it up for yes to our random questions.
Evidence was our best yet and in our view unexplainable.  Set up youtube channel with evidence.

Menger Hotel San Antonio, TX. Room 309. November 2007 3 nights

 No evidence.  Used a K2 meter for first time.  We had a couple of personal experiences.  Conner and Colin saw someone walk by at the towel rack near the pool.  They both confirmed they saw the same thing separately by telling a third party.  Security guard told us the same night he was called to the room down the hall from us by the manager to turn off the TV (reported by other guests in the night).  There was no one staying in the room.  When he and another hotel employee opened the door they found the clock radio blaring music.  When they approached the radio to turn it off it went to full volume.  When he got to it turned off.  He then grabbed it to remove it and realized it was unplugged all along with no on board backup battery.  Conner and Colin also did a 1.5-hour ghost hunt at 1:00 a.m. at the Alamo with the night security, a Texas state trooper looking on. No apparent evidence.


Article Houston Chronicle

July 5, 2007, 2:18PM
State's most haunted town 

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle JEFFERSON — This East Texas town can lay claim to an impressive, unlikely history. In the 19th century, though far inland, it was second only to Galveston as the busiest port in Texas.

Now it's known as the most haunted small town in Texas due to fame on the Travel, Discovery and Sci-Fi channels, says Jodi Breckenridge, guide for the Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk.

Breckenridge, who says she's a skeptic, still gets rattled enough during these 90-minute tours to flee in fright.

On this Saturday night in June about 30 people buy $10 tickets in front of the Jefferson Historical Society Museum.

"How much of the money does the ghost get?" someone quips.

Breckenridge warns against taunting them: "Don't ever make fun of a ghost if I'm standing within 20 feet of you."

The apparitions hurl objects and lock tourists into one of the haunted restrooms around town, she says. Bathrooms that have proved particularly troublesome to escape include those in the supposedly haunted Jefferson Hotel, circa 1851, and the Big Cypress Coffee House, which used to be the Kahn Saloon at the turn of the 20th century. It was also the site of early country-music performances, occasional bloodshed, a brothel and a funeral home, all of which, one way or another, provoked the haunting.

This night doesn't bring much drama. A trio of black kittens crosses our path. Surely, that's an omen? Nope, nothing happens.

No one feels fondled by a mysterious hand, sees a malevolent gentleman in a top hat or hears invisible children singing century-old songs, all of which reportedly happened on other evenings. Neither does Breckenridge scare herself and run down the street screaming.

We traipse up and down quaint streets, stare at building facades and empty lots and hear about murders, legends and rumors of bodies buried in backyards. We crowd into the dark, hot, airless attic of the coffee shop hoping against hope that the construction equipment will fly across the room of its own accord.

We crave the paranormal. We've paid our $10!

But no one even gets bad vibes. We must be an especially insensitive lot.

Colin and Kim Bryce of Arlington and their children, Conner, 10, and Chloe, 4, are among the ghost hunters. Conner carries a ghost-detection device. Chloe's tennis shoes glow while she walks, providing a handy night light.

"They are thrilled about it," Kim says. "Conner, especially, thinks it's a huge adventure. He likes to investigate."

The Bryce’s are in Jefferson as part of a hobby sparked by watching Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel. They've visited the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La., and the Crescent in Eureka Springs, Ark., where they've had a few creepily close encounters. At the Myrtles, they spent one night on the front porch, driven from their bedroom by mysterious sounds, as if someone wearing boots were pacing in front of their beds.

Colin says he's seen the ghost of a Civil War soldier.

"My parents and everyone think I'm crazy," Colin says. "But after I had the first experience, it really changed my outlook on life."

With high hopes, they've booked a room with a bad reputation, Room 19, at the Jefferson Hotel. They aren't disappointed.

"My wife and my son got hit by French fries flying across the room," Colin says. "All four of us were sitting watching TV, and our leftovers were sitting across the room. All of a sudden I saw French fries bounce off her chest. It was kind of spooky. It seems like a crazy thing (for a ghost) to throw across the room."

And, no, her father says, Chloe didn't do it.

During the ghost walk, Kim Bryce also captures orbs (spheres of light indicating paranormal activity) with her Canon Digital Rebel in the coffeehouse.

I didn't realize that ghosts are supposed to show up best on camera, so I haven't brought a real one. But my cell phone captures one spectral image in the window of the Jefferson Hotel.

Breckenridge, ever the skeptic, peers at my prized souvenir and decrees that it's just the reflection of a streetlight.

The ghost and I know the truth.

Myrtles plantation Louisiana June 2007 3 nights

Used digital video recorder for first time.

General David Bradford Suite 1st night: Only one other room was occupied this night.  Very heavy feeling in our suite.  A/c went out.  Around 1230 am we heard footsteps on the back porch and saw the door handle to the back porch turn and jiggle (the screen door was latched from the inside so you couldn'i even access it from the porch),  this lasted for 10 or 15 minutes.  We then turned on all the lights and checked the porch, no one was around and the whole house was dark.  We went back to bed  then heard footsteps inside our room and the parlor.  It sounded like heavy boots.  The footsteps would go from parlor around the corner and into our bedroom right up to our bed.  Kim could feel what she described as hands pressing down softly on her legs several times.  This went on for about 30 minutes.  I have to admit it was very frightening.  We eventually went out on back porch to calm down.  
Good friends Brian and Heather stayed in Caretakers cottage the 1st night.  Heather heard little girl laughter and later footsteps on porch.
Judge Clarke Woodruff Suite 2nd night:  We were very tired and got back late. Noise outside door woke me up, but did not repeat and had no other activity.
Caretaker's Cottage 3rd night: The whole plantation was vacant except us.  Colin- saw apparition of man dressed in late 1800’s clothes and wide brim hat “looked like confederate officers uniform with string tie” on porch.  The apparition was gray and almost completely see-through.  I was in such shock when I saw it I jumped up and it was gone.  It was quite and experience, what really stays with me is the recognition in his eyes when we made eye contact.  Massive EMF spikes inside with no source that moved around the room, then dissipated.  We heard footsteps on porch during night.  Water faucet in bathroom turned on full blast by itself while we were leaving.
 We should have done more ghost hunting and less sightseeing.

Crescent Hotel Eureka springs, room 419 1night and 403 2 nights, Dec. 13-15, 2006

room 419 

419 had many orbs in photos.  Suitcase may have moved a few feet, not sure.

424 too small, Took 403.  Kim awoke in the middle of night when someone unseen sat on edge of bed.  She could see bed covers smash down.  Room temperature also dropped at same time.  She covered her head and hid.

During ghost tour closet door opens by itself again same place as last trip.