cyakeef (cyakeef) wrote,

Myrtles plantation Louisiana June 2007 3 nights

Used digital video recorder for first time.

General David Bradford Suite 1st night: Only one other room was occupied this night.  Very heavy feeling in our suite.  A/c went out.  Around 1230 am we heard footsteps on the back porch and saw the door handle to the back porch turn and jiggle (the screen door was latched from the inside so you couldn'i even access it from the porch),  this lasted for 10 or 15 minutes.  We then turned on all the lights and checked the porch, no one was around and the whole house was dark.  We went back to bed  then heard footsteps inside our room and the parlor.  It sounded like heavy boots.  The footsteps would go from parlor around the corner and into our bedroom right up to our bed.  Kim could feel what she described as hands pressing down softly on her legs several times.  This went on for about 30 minutes.  I have to admit it was very frightening.  We eventually went out on back porch to calm down.  
Good friends Brian and Heather stayed in Caretakers cottage the 1st night.  Heather heard little girl laughter and later footsteps on porch.
Judge Clarke Woodruff Suite 2nd night:  We were very tired and got back late. Noise outside door woke me up, but did not repeat and had no other activity.
Caretaker's Cottage 3rd night: The whole plantation was vacant except us.  Colin- saw apparition of man dressed in late 1800’s clothes and wide brim hat “looked like confederate officers uniform with string tie” on porch.  The apparition was gray and almost completely see-through.  I was in such shock when I saw it I jumped up and it was gone.  It was quite and experience, what really stays with me is the recognition in his eyes when we made eye contact.  Massive EMF spikes inside with no source that moved around the room, then dissipated.  We heard footsteps on porch during night.  Water faucet in bathroom turned on full blast by itself while we were leaving.
 We should have done more ghost hunting and less sightseeing.


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