July 20th, 2009

Jefferson Hotel rooms 19 ,181 and 21. July 10/11, 2009


Jefferson Hotel rooms 19 ,181 and 21. July 10/11, 2009

We stayed in the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson Texas. The wife and I in room 19 both nights, and kids with in-laws in room 18 the first and 21 the second. Reportedly the most haunted rooms. We used video, digital voice recorder. EMF and K2 meters, as well as digital cameras.

We took the walking ghost tour with Jodi and the ghost train ghost tour. Both very informative but caught no evidence.

On the night of the 10th my mother in law staying alone in rm 18 during the ghost tour, saw the bathroom door close on its own. She also noticed their little dog would go to the bathroom door then tuck its tail and run to the otherwise of the room and cower.

After the ghost tour around midnight on the 10th, I had the bath running and was preparing for bed when I looked up at the mirror and saw writing appear. I jumped up and called my wife in. we took several pictures with different camera in the foggy room of the mirror. The word HELP could be seen plain as day, also the on the bottom a J appeared but it looked more like an older smudge. We were very skeptical about it and wiped the mirror down thoroughly. The writing appeared again the next morning when my wife was in the tub. We wiped it down again. The writing showed up again in a different spot that night with HELP ME spelled out also with a J at the bottom (The J seemed to be in the same spot each time and did not look like the other HELP messages). At times we could fog the mirror and nothing would show up. We told the clerk at the desk about this the next morning and she told us she had heard many similar reports but usually it included "HELP ME, JUDY" or "HELP JUDY" OR "PLEASE HELP ME". May explain the J.  Oh and also, her name was Judy.

Almost all night of the 11th. Conner, stevie(his buddy), and I did our own ghost hunt all over the hotel and the town. We found cold spots in the hotel lobby with rapping and noises responding to our requests. Behind the hotel by the river (where there was many hangings that took place, we received direct responses to our questions by the EMF detector lighting up. We asked about 10 questions about years born and died as well as how he died and why. The whole session was videoed and the questions and answers left no doubt we were communicating with someone(something) that was born 1825, died by an unjust hanging in the 1860's because of something to do with the Civil War. This session began after I was playing Dixie on the harmonica until the EMF started lighting up and ended abruptly when a group of teens walked up on us. Later that night the three of us explored the famous Murder Row. Very, very creepy at 3:00 a.m. but no evidence.