cyakeef (cyakeef) wrote,

Menger Hotel San Antonio, TX. Room 309. November 2007 3 nights

 No evidence.  Used a K2 meter for first time.  We had a couple of personal experiences.  Conner and Colin saw someone walk by at the towel rack near the pool.  They both confirmed they saw the same thing separately by telling a third party.  Security guard told us the same night he was called to the room down the hall from us by the manager to turn off the TV (reported by other guests in the night).  There was no one staying in the room.  When he and another hotel employee opened the door they found the clock radio blaring music.  When they approached the radio to turn it off it went to full volume.  When he got to it turned off.  He then grabbed it to remove it and realized it was unplugged all along with no on board backup battery.  Conner and Colin also did a 1.5-hour ghost hunt at 1:00 a.m. at the Alamo with the night security, a Texas state trooper looking on. No apparent evidence.



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