cyakeef (cyakeef) wrote,

Rogers Hotel Waxahachie, TX. Room 409 and 408. February 16 1 night

Recorded much evidence.  Used digital audio recorder for the first time. Colin and Kim stayed in 409 and Conner Chloe and friend Trevor stayed in 408.  Nothing in photos except an image on the entertainment center of maybe a face Watching Chloe running by in foreground.
Recorded evps in basement of a child’s voice, a clear evp in basement lady’s bathroom (where a woman shot herself) of a women’s voice saying no when asked to open the stall door by Colin, a clear voice saying ha, and a voice saying I don’t want to when asked to make k2 meter light up again on the stairwell.
We recorded 2 sessions on digital audio of very loud bangs responding to our questions in 408’s bathroom and the roof storeroom we could all hear them in person as well as on our recording. 
Conner Trev and Colin recorded video a k2 session on the stairwell of unmistakable responses to our requests to light up the k2 asked number of times and light it up for yes to our random questions.
Evidence was our best yet and in our view unexplainable.  Set up youtube channel with evidence.

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