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Stanley Hotel, Colorado. June 2008 4 nights. Rooms 217 The Steven King room, and 1209.

Manor house room 1209 1st and 2nd night:  No apparent activity in our room.  Out side our room we would hear running footsteps up and down the hall.  After a couple of hours of this around 10 pm, we started opening the door and checking to see whom it was.  We were never able to catch anyone in fact later on we started checking the whole floor and the floor above and never saw anyone walking around.  This would go on periodically through out our stay in the Manor house.  We found out later there were only 5 or 6 rooms occupied at the time.
We stayed in 217 our last two nights.  The Steven King room.  Much of our time in the room I felt like someone was watching us and would constantly catch myself looking behind.  On the first night Kim was in the restroom and someone knocked on the bathroom door.  Conner jumped up and knocked on the door from the outside thinking Kim was playing a game.  When she came out she asked why we knocked two different times.  We have no explanation of who knocked the first time as this was inside our room and there were just the 4 of us.  We never did get any other evidence in the room.
We walked down to The Concert Hall Building One afternoon and were lucky to find it open and completely empty.  We experienced very heavy feelings inside.  Kim was so freaked by the feeling she took Chloe and went outside to chase prairie dogs on the front lawn.  Immediately after she left Conner and myself heard footsteps with the floor creaking very loudly on the floor above us.  We would run upstairs to find we were still the only humans in the building.  We captured this on Video and Digital audio both.
Every night during our stay Conner and I would go “ghost hunting” for a couple of hours around 12.  We were usually the only guests up and about.  We even snuck down to the tunnels but didn’t experience anything. 
We captured some tapping and banging in response to ours in the Billiard room on video and digital audio. 
We also recorded several EVP’s on the top floors of both buildings.  On audio, one has children humming and talking in the background the other on video and audio, has the word “child” when Chloe was asking if there was anyone here. 
 The last night Conner and I were on the lobby floor, the night clerk was the only person around with two people still in the bar.  The main hall, the billiard room and the music room were all empty with lights out.   In the music room, Conner saw several shadows dart by him.  He said he could make out the shadow of a full-sized woman in a dress.  He was visibly startled.  A minute or two later we started hearing what sounded like a party going on in the lobby or the adjacent halls.  We turned on the video and the digital audio and searched the whole floor, the ballroom, billiard room, bar (now closed dark and locked up); all the while recording the sound of music, talking, and laughter.  This went on for about 10 minutes all on tape.  Afterward we found the night clerk, who told us the music might have been his satellite radio, but we have no explanation for the sounds of men and women partying.  I am not so sure it was his radio either.  I seemed to get louder inside the ballroom and the talking and laughter was really loud at times throughout all the rooms.     
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