Crescent Hotel Eureka springs, room 202 1night and 302 2 nights, June 8-10 2006

Used emf detector for 1st time

During ghost tour closet door opens by itself, took photos of red orbs at that moment inside, Kim thought she saw someone’s shoes at the bottom of door when it opened to reveal nobody there.

202 Room door was found wide open after I shut it and locked it with Kim inside in bath.

We had many orbs in photos.

302 had no activity. 

Crescent Hotel Eureka springs, room 203 on March 10-12, 2006

We recently visited the Crescent hotel in Eureka springs, room 203 on March 10-12, 2006.  We included myself, my wife, my son age 8, and my daughter age 3.  We had multiple unexplained experiences.

    The first day I was in the bathroom holding my daughter struggling to hold her up and wash her hands at the same time.  I was grabbed on the shoulder by what I thought was my wife's hand.  I quickly turned spun around to tell her I was kind of busy,  and saw she was on the other side of the room sitting down watching me.  She said I turned pale and wondered what was wrong.

    When we were unpacking and putting our stuff in the dresser I took out the Gideon Bible and placed it on the bedside table on impulse.  We went to dinner and found when we got back it was across the room on the other bedside table.  We were all sure it was moved after we left and no housekeeping was in our room.

    Throughout our stay we constantly had trouble with the bathroom door.  On a few occasions we both were sure we locked the door (it had a bar type lock that takes a deliberate action to lock), and when we finished using the bathroom and turned to come out we found it unlocked and open about 6 inches.  Also on the first day my wife went in the bathroom and shut the door and locked it.  When she finished she couldn't open the door, it was unlocked and we could see the handle turn as she manipulated trying to open it.  After about 10 seconds of trying she was able to open it easily.

    On the last day my wife got up early to take a bath while the rest of us were still asleep.  While she was in the tub she heard a murmur outside the door and the doorknob was jiggled for a few seconds.  She assumed it was our daughter, which is normal occurrence at home.  She stood up put on a towel and opened the door to find us all still fast asleep.  A little while later she woke my daughter and put her in the tub for a bath while she dried her hair and put on her makeup.  My daughter started giggling and talking to someone unseen, saying things like " you look like a princess", and "don't that tickles".  She later said a princess there in the bathroom told her she looked like a ballerina.  I don't think we have ever even used the word ballerina around her before.